Who am I and why should you care? I'm glad you asked...

Hello! I'm Molly Reuss, licensed massage therapist in the Colorado, outdoor enthusiast, and weekend warrior. When I'm not present with my business you can probably find me out on some amazing hiking, kayaking, theme parking or festival adventure in this big beautiful world of ours!

At a young age I was told I had "the touch" and should consider going to massage school. In 2013 I completed my 800 hour training from the Denver School of Massage Therapy with a 4.0 GPA, and have been working full time doing massage ever since. 

In 2018 I opened my office doors under the name Align Therapeutic Bodywork and have been serving my community as a bodyworker and life/trauma recovery coach, and female entrepreneur.  

I birthed my practice out of a need in the bodywork and massage world- amazing experience that yields positive and lasting results. Whether your body hurts, you have a head ache, or are stressed and just need to relax, you will find instant relief in my cozy studio. 

Why choose me?

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Beginning Sept. 1st 2021, $5 from every massage is donated to charity. Yes, every massage!

Expert Training

There is nothing basic about the work I do. I offer hot stones, cupping, Ashiatsu, and Graston techniques to combat pain and restrictions depending on your specific needs. I'm also known for my ability to impeccably adjust pressure, from light to heavy or deep tissue massage.

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No Tipping

No nickel-and-diming here! I don't charge extra for add-ons like essential oils, hot stones, cupping, or ashiatsu. Plus, I don't accept tips! My pricing is all inclusive.

More Than Just Massage

I don't just turn and burn throughout the day. I love what I do, and the people I get work with. My bodywork is heavily influenced by intuition and the energetic connection I have with my clients. 

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Calm and Quiet

Have you ever received a massage from a therapist who wouldn’t stop talking? I love a good chat, but I won't initiate a conversation with you during your massage. I follow your lead.

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Custom Tailored Treatments

Everyone's body and needs are different, thats why every session is customized for your healing. No need to book any specific type of appointment, we will discuss what to include or leave out of every session, every time.