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Ashiatsu is a beautiful, and ancient type of deep tissue massage that has been modified in recent years to be more therapeutic and beneficial than ever before. 

Ashiatsu massage is performed with the feet.The massage therapist can distribute up to 100% of their body weight (with assistance from bars on the ceiling for balance), allowing for deep pressure that doesn't feel sharp, painful, or strain your breathing. 

Ashiatsu at Align Therapeutic Bodywork is unique because of the additional cupping therapy incorporated for the deep compression/decompression technique, and the use of hands throughout the session as well. 

If you prefer deeper pressure for your massage, I highly recommend giving Ashiatsu a try. Ashiatsu can be performed over the entire body (not just the back) and sessions are most beneficial in 2 hour long sessions. 

Below you will find photos to give you some idea of what to experience in an Ashiatsu session, and some more clinical inforation from my certified training company, Deep Feet.


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