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Chronic Pain Relief

Chronic Pain is any pain experienced in the body that has lasted more than 3 weeks. This can show up as pain that you notice daily, pain that interferes with specific activity or movements, or pain that is lingering post surgery, injury, or illness. Whether it's caused by injuries, surgeries, pregnancy, or stress, chronic pain can be debilitating and negatively affecting your day to day life. Pain is merely a symptom of something else happening in your body. Treating chronic pain is like solving a puzzle; together we will work to find the root cause of your pain, and will create a treatment plan for you to start feeling better immediately with long lasting results. 

Chronic pain can be caused by of any of the following:

Car accident - whiplash/arthritis/head aches

Surgery - scar tissue/reduced range of motion

Sports Injuries

Pregnancy - Sciatic & low back pain/swelling/neck and shoulder pain

Stress - Deep aching neck and shoulder pain/inflammation/fatigue

Posture - Head aches, neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, plantar fasciaitis, cramping

 Some benefits of massage treating chronic pain are:

Reduced inflammation

Reduced scar tissue

Increased range of motion/flexibility

Increase circulation/decreased swelling

Prepare your body for surgery (even REDUCE chances of surgery) & quick healing

Reduce your chance of future injury

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