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Available Services

Booking a massage at Align Therapeutic Bodywork has been simplified and streamlined compared to what you might be used to. 

We like to keep things simple- no need to worry about booking any specific type of service. When you come in for your appointment, together we will do a thorough intake and discuss your wants and needs for every session. Simply choose the length of time you would like to be on the table, and we will take care of the rest. 

When it comes to pricing, everything is included. There are no add ons or up charges for things like aromatherapy, cupping, hot stones, or ashiatsu. Inclusive and simple, the way we think it should be. 


Ashiatsu is an ancient type of deep tissue massage that has been modified in recent years to be more therapeutic and beneficial than ever before. Ashiatsu is performed with the feet.The massage therapist can distribute up to 100% of their body weight (with assistance from bars on the ceiling for balance), allowing for deep pressure that doesn't feel sharp, painful, or strain your breathing. 

Gua Shua

Gua Sha, or the Graston Technique is used to release tight, troubled, 'sticky' spots anywhere on the body. Where ever you feel restriction or pain, tight fascial adhesions are commonly the culprit and this scraping technique smoothes tissue out effortlessly. 


Cupping is used to increase circulation, stretch the muscles and surrounding tissues, create space between the layers of muscle, and so much more. Used by athletes to increase performance, cupping is also an amazing option for anyone looking to increase their range of motion, and deepen the effects of massage.  

Hot Stones

Used as a tool to warm and soften stiff muscle, hot stones are a great option for deep penetrating relief. Heat that travels deep into the layers of muscle and tissue allows the body to relax and allow for deeper pressure that feels comfortable and beneficial. 

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage is a sacred practice and a privilege. I couldn't possibly put all the information you need to know before making the right choice for your prenatal massage, so here is an entire page dedicated to the information you need!

Aromatherapy and THC

Every session includes your choice of aromatherapy, essential oils, and the use of CBD or THC salves. Our sense of smell is powerful at creating a relaxation response in the body. CBD and THC is a wonderful option at reducing inflammation and decreasing your recovery time from deep tissue massage.

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