Soul Revival Transformation days are the crown jewel at Align Therapeutic Bodywork. Not only are you receiving a whole lot of magic in every area of my expertise, you will receive tender, and powerful care physically and emotionally that supports your healing and growth.
Did you know that all pain that lives in the body for longer than 8 weeks is emotional?
Everybody knows that trauma, and emotions get stored in our body. Our body is the hardware for everything that happens on a non physical level. 
Over the course of centuries, we have forgotten the language of the body. We think that shoulder pain we've struggled with for years is from an injury decades ago.
The body wants to heal itself, and it knows how to heal itself. It does it every moment of the day with the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the negative things we tell ourselves on a daily basis. 
That shoulder pain that's been bothering you for years, is actually your body telling you something. It's a message from the universe saying "hey, there is something you need to heal on a deeper level". 
My mission is to always help people find the park of recognition between their body and their mind. I created Soul Revival Transformation days to not only spark that reconnection, but to make up for lost time.
After years of neglecting your pain, burying uncomfortable emotions, and pretending like everything is normal- you will leave experiencing a new body and a free mind. 
Soul Revival Transformation days are an intensive 8 hour day, that includes 2-3 hours of coaching, 2-3 hours of bodywork, delivered lunch, intuitive energy readings, and a luxurious gift bag to take home filled with you to continue the healing on your own. 
Join me on an unimaginable, never before experienced journey.

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