Deep Breaths

Welcome to Align Therapeutic Bodywork, where orthopedic and clinical massage techniques, meet an intuitive and healing experience. Together, we will address your pain, and get you back to doing the things you love.

Chronic Pain Relief for Athletes.

Deep Tissue Specialist.




Services are all inclusive. There are no add ons or up charging for hot stones, ashiatsu, cupping, or aromatherapy- and tipping, or gratuity, is not accepted. Everything is always included, the way that it should be.

I like to keep things simple, so you have two options

90 Minute Massage $170

2 Hour Massage $220

Molly Reuss LMT

When you decide that your pain won't hold you back any longer,  Align Therapeutic Bodywork will have you realize massage isn't a luxury, and you're never just getting a massage.


As a Master Bodyworker with years of experience in chronic pain relief, and a passion for the mind body connection, I have created a massage experience out of sheer need. A service that yields relief with long lasting results, and feels good while you're at it, because massage should be enjoyed.


Your body is not the enemy. It knows how, and wants to heal itself. Let's facilitate that healing together and get you back to living your life pain free.

Why Massage for Chronic Pain?

It can help with

Stress Reduction

The Body holds tension and stress from the mind. If you can release stress in the body, you release stress in the mind.

Pain Relief

Massage is the number one way to not only decrease pain, but decompress mentally and emotionally while enjoying the process.

Better Sleep

Massage engages the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) which is the rest and digest state of the body.

Mind Body Connection

People just assume that trauma and stress get 'uploaded into the cloud' some where; but it actually gets downloaded into the body as a way of telling us 'something needs to be addressed'. When you address the body, your mental state becomes more clear to tackle the big things. When you clear the mental state, your body starts responding differently. 

Mental Clarity

Don't you feel better once you've fully rested? Receiving a 90 minute massage is equal to 5 hours of sleep, allowing you to feel your best.

Heightened Awareness

Receiving massage not only eases the aches and pains of what you were experiencing, but brings awareness to the spots in your body that were once being ignored, allowing you to have a better relationship with your body moving forward.

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