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Where orthopedic and clinical massage techniques, meet an intuitive and healing experience. 

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Molly Reuss LMT

Deep Relief.

Real Relaxation.

When you choose healing at Align Therapeutic Bodywork, you’ll realize massage isn't a luxury, and you're never just getting a massage.


As a Master Bodyworker with years of experience in chronic pain relief, and a passion for the mind body connection, I have created a massage experience that I found all spas and chiropractors lack- bodywork where clinical and therapeutic, meet intuitive healing and relaxation.


Your body is not the enemy. It knows how, and wants to heal itself. Let's facilitate that healing together.


Why Massage for Chronic Pain?

It can help with

Stress Reduction

The Body holds tension and stress from the mind. If you can release stress in the body, you release stress in the mind.

Pain Relief

Massage is the number one way to not only decrease pain, but decompress mentally and emotionally while enjoying the process.

Better Sleep

Massage engages the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) which is the rest and digest state of the body.

Mind Body Connection

People just assume that trauma and stress get 'uploaded into the cloud' some where; but it actually gets downloaded into the body as a way of telling us 'something needs to be addressed'. When you address the body, your mental state becomes more clear to tackle the big things. When you clear the mental state, your body starts responding differently. 

Mental Clarity

Don't you feel better once you've fully rested? Receiving a 90 minute massage is equal to 5 hours of sleep, allowing you to feel your best.

Heightened Awareness

Receiving massage not only eases the aches and pains of what you were experiencing, but brings awareness to the spots in your body that were once being ignored, allowing you to have a better relationship with your body moving forward.


First off, WOW! This isn’t your “normal” massage therapy session. Molly provides a total Therapeutic Body Assessment & Recovery for any physical and mental needs. I knew from the intake form this session would be different...Once Molly got a good idea of my needs, she educated me with some of the reasonings of those sore spots. Throughout the session she educated me on how massage, cupping, taping, and many various ways that can improve not only my physical health but my mental health as well. This was an immersive and customized session just for me! Tell the truth I’ve never had that happen in my past at other massage sessions. Molly made me feel special and gave me great tips for me to use at home and in the gym. 

— Ashley G.



Pain Elimination Coaching

Eliminate your pain in 30 minutes with the use of NeuroLinguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy (R) and Hypnosis. This is not a bodywork session, but can be done virtually or in person. 



2 Hour


For those seeking to receive extensive deep tissue bodywork. Two hours provides enough time to focus on all areas of concern, and include all add ons such as cupping, hot stones, Ashiatsu, and Graston



90 Minute Massage

Most popular session. Enough time to do full body massage while including cupping, hot stones, or ashiatsu. Full body relaxation to completely relax, or focus with deep pressure and techniques on 1-2 areas.



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10390 Bradford Rd. #155 Littleton, CO. 80127

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