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Prenatal Massage

Massage is one of the best ways to relax while you're pregnant. Making sure all mama's feel taken care of, supported, and comfortable is my ultimate mission.  Whether you're trying to conceive, in your first, second, or third trimester, recovering from delivery, or transitioning into parenthood, massage will benefit you mentally and physically. 
Many massage therapists are ill-equipped, under trained, or uncomfortable massaging women while they are pregnant. When it comes to women and their babies, make sure you find some one who is confident in their technique to provide the best service possible. Not only am I passionate about prenatal massage and serving women, mothers, and parents, I have been certified and trained in prenatal massage since 2013. I allow women to choose whether they want to lay on their side, or be face down during their massage, allowing for the upmost cofortability and personalization of our session together. 
Prenatal massage can help alleviate:

Low back pain & prenatal sciatica relief
Relief form neck & shoulder discomfort
 Reduce head aches
Reduce leg cramps
Reduce swelling in the arms & feet
Increase flexibility
Relieve stress in joints (hips and knees especially)
Stabilizes hormone levels and helps relieve depression and anxiety
Prepares mama's for easier delivery

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