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Hours of Availability

Kimberly - Advanced Therapist

Wednesday.      1pm - 8pm

Thursday.           1pm - 7pm

Saturday.           1pm - 8pm

Sunday               1pm - 7pm

Molly - Master Therapist

Monday            9am - 3pm

Tuesday            9am - 3pm

Wednesday.     9am - 1pm

Thursday          9am - 1pm

Friday               9am - 3pm

How To Book

  1. Select what level massage therapist you would like to work with (hours of availability are listed below)

  2. Select the appointment and length of time you would like to schedule for

  3. Enter your information, and fill out the intake form so we are best prepared for your appointment

  4. After scheduling, create an account to easily book, cancel, and reschedule any future appointments

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